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motors not sold separately



12-18-24 Dynamo Men Lamp

Special Parts Kit

In this chapter of the Dynamo Men saga, a 30-rpm motor is located behind the yellow 12-tooth driver gear. 
It transfers its power to the red 24-tooth, and blue 18-tooth driven gears.
With this arrangement, the lower man cranks at a speed of 30-rpm while the upper man cranks at 15-rpm.
The blue gear is optional because it's a just-for-show,

do-nothing gear.  It's sole purpose is to provide visual interest as it turns at 20-rpm.
A "provisions" barrel has been added as a reward for the hard-working Dynamo Men.


Two (2) 1” dia. ball knob heads
Two (2) 5/16” dia. neck dowels
Fourteen (14) 5/16” dia. stop beads
One (1) barrel

Four (4) 1/8” dia. aluminum rods
Two (2) #6x32 machine screws
One (1) #8x32 machine screws
Two (2) #10x32 machine screws
Four (4) #6 standard washers
Four (4) #10 standard washers
Two (2) 1/4” standard washers
One (1) 3/16”-square aluminum tube

​Two (2) 1/4"o.d. x 3/4" long nylon spacers


One (1) 30-rpm animation motor
One (1) bulb socket
Two (2) rotary switches
One (1) 6’ power cord

18-page Instructions and Full-Size Patterns

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